"Are blazers just dust collectors?"

Are your blazers just dust collectors?


When was the last time you wore a blazer? It may have been to work back when we were heading to the office each day. Or perhaps it was on an evening out.. remember those? 

Lifestyle is very different right now. It is a well known fact that how we dress directly impacts how we feel. Of course, it’s not going to solve the world problems but it will help each of us individually, so rather than head out in our loungewear, let’s collectively up our game.  Let’s make the extra effort when heading out for a coffee or just on the school run as it could be the only “out out” we do in a long while and you may be surprised at the positive affect is has on your mindset. 

Purchasing habits often mean that we buy a garment for a specific “reason”. For example, we might buy a top for “work” and we won’t ever wear it at any other time. Similarly, we might buy a top for “going out” and never think to wear it for a daytime look.  This is quite normal, so if this is you, don’t worry!  

With this in mind, I would like to just bend your mind a little by suggesting that if we look at our wardrobes as a whole and not in ‘compartments’ for different type of events, we actually have many more outfits available to us than we think. While I am not suggesting we go out in our fancy dresses, I am looking for you to rethink some items you have kept for “going out”, for “best” or for “work” only. 

So, let’s give it a go and not leave those blazers hanging in the wardrobe collecting dust. Break open the mental compartment that says ‘that jacket is for work only’ and mix it up with other items from your wardrobe. Are you ready?

Here are some suggestions;

 Try the black blazer with a patterned camisole, jeans and white trainers.  Or why not take a coloured jacket and team it with neutrals? Such as a orange jacket teamed with black trousers.  

If the black seems a little dull for you and the other too bright, Black Diamond Boutique have two fantastic blazers this season. The first is this gorgeous dark Teal long line blazer from B.Young - a terrific neutral colour. I would team this with black coated jeans and the lace blouse. A heel would work if you are heading out for a drink and a trainer would be equally as fab if you were just out for coffee.

Do let us know how you get on :)

Sarah x



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