"I never wear brown"- Sarah Gray

"I never wear brown"- Sarah Gray

I  never wear brown"…


Brown is a colour that is hugely on trend right now yet “I never wear brown”  is a comment I am regularly hearing from clients.  


Brown ranges from the subtle taupe + stone shades, taking in the delicious caramels + rose browns and landing cosily in the deep chocolate shades. It really is a modern colour but for some reason, we don’t see it that way…maybe it’s because of the geography teacher in his brown cords and home knitted sweater? Or maybe it’s because it was our own school uniform? 


Whatever the reason, I’m here in an attempt to persuade you otherwise…. Brown is Chic, it’s modern and it’s oh so versatile. As a fantastic neutral, brown is great for our wardrobe because you can treat it just as you would black…team it with all other colours. It’s less harsh than black and so gives us a whole different look. 


Just take the gorgeous check trousers from Sofie Schnoor; all beautiful neutral shades. These will look fab with a caramel/tan sweater or a cream blouse and can be topped off beautifully with the B.Young biker jacket. 


Of course, not all of us like brown and not all the shades will suit us!  Generally speaking, if your overall complexion has warm undertones, most browns will be flattering for you. However, if you have cool undertones, your browns will need to be those with a pinky tone to them. Or team brown with one of your fab cool colours. 


From a psychological perspective, ‘Brown' represents our earth, it’s reliable and strong. So, what a great colour to see us through the cooler months and especially the winter of 2020! 


So, go on, try it on…you might just be surprised! 


Sarah xx

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