January 2021

January 2021

Back at it this month as we entered into our third lockdown! Its hard to comprehend the past year and what we have all been through. Its in the media as i write this that we could possibly be shut until April so overall that will be 7 months in total we have been closed. It breaks my heart at how hard us small businesses work and yet some wont be able to survive this. Even the "big boys" like Debenhams, Arcadia and more haven't been able to cope with such losses but....we haven't given up yet and are continuing to work hard behind the scenes so that we can be there when we get back to some sort of normality.

It was hard to digest this week that we as a nation have suffered over 100k deaths from Covid19. Very sombre news that i think brings it home to people how bad this disease has been and business aside we are very lucky to have not been directly affected by it.

Not going to lie, this lockdown is tough !! With the uncertainty surrounding a lot if things?When will the shops reopen ?? When will schools reopen ?? When will restaurants open up again??? The list is endless. It feels worse than last year but at least we have the knowledge and are prepared for what is thrown at us !!

I’m missing everyone, all you lovely lot 💖 it makes me sick not seeing people and interacting, having a laugh, but that’s not to be anytime soon so it’s virtual selling for the foreseeable

Keep watching, keep liking, keep tagging us and most importantly supporting us like you always do !!

We’ve got fabulous stock arriving for Spring so stay tuned in

Love and positivity to you all 💫💖💫

Sam and the team at Black Diamond

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