January 2022

I love a new year and making plans for the shop and what we want to achive this year. I had a look back at January 2021 blog and its hard to sum up the feeling i had then other than gutted! We had just entered into another long lockdown that unbeknown to us went on to last until April.

This year hasnt started on such a downer quite the opposite! Restrictions are due to be lifted as i write this and we feel so much more positive in getting on with our lives and some sort of normality.

So what have we been up to this month? The sale started just after xmas and we had an amazing response to this. You sure do love a bargain! It almost completed now and we only have a few bits left.

Our buying season has started up again for Autumn/Winter 22 so Ellie and I have been to London to purchase a few brands and are due back next month to continue. We love the buying aspect as we think we know what you lovely lot really like :) Have a look at our reels on instagram where we give you a sneak peak.

My lovely husband is going to make some changes to the shop over the next few weeks and we are excited to shoew you what we are going to be doing with the space.

Lots of lovely new arrivals for the new season have been dropping in these past few weeks, its lovely to see all the colour. We dont realise how dark we where our clothing in the winter months.

Anyway thanks for sticking with us and for taking the time to read my blog.

Much Love

Sam x

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