July 2021

Dare to Bare….arms
Last month we talked about shorts…and what fabulous weather we have had since then, so I hope you were inspired to get those legs out!
We’ve spoken a lot in this space about how negative us women can be about our bodies. And there is one area that arguably gets mentioned more than any other and that is the upper arms. Many women will describe their upper arms as having ‘bingo wings’ or use other such negative language. Ladies, you know that I encourage you to be positive and non judgemental about your body. It doesn’t mean you I’m going to push you into flaunting an area you are a bit self conscious about but by being non-judgemental, it gives you something to action. 
Let me explain, you know that part of styling is about attracting and distracting. To detract from the areas of your body you don’t love, put the focus on other areas. So, if you can say something like, "I prefer my wrists and shoulders to my upper arms" rather than “i hate my arms" or "I have bingo wings”, then it gives you a point of reference of an area you may want to distract from.  If you’d like to distract from this area, read on as I’m going to give you some ideas on how to do this. 
Wide Straps are a clever distraction… take this Joules Kyra solid v-neck cami. When we wear a cami with thin straps, there is very little focus on the garment so our eye is drawn to the arms. However, with this style with both the V-neck and the wide shoulders, the eye is drawn to the décolletage not the arms. Clever eh! It’s a slightly floaty style cami too which is great in the warm weather…if it’s a bit long for you, just do a half tuck at the front… super flattering. 
Similarly, with this Joules Maya Print Jersey Vest, the wider straps give a focus towards the shoulders rather than the arms. A great style if you prefer something a little more fitted.  With either of these tops, you can so easily team with jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts and then finish off with a denim jacket to add a light layer. 
Should you choose to wear a sleeve in summer, consider where the sleeve finishes on the arm to achieve the most flattering look. Keep in mind, that not one style suits all and the best placement for a sleeve will be different for each of us. For instance, a cap sleeve is usually flattering as it sits above the widest part of the arm. Take this one for example, the Saint Tropez Blanca Dress,, this little sleeve covers the shoulder and the very top of your arm meaning that it is higher than the widest part of the arm. Avoid sleeve lengths that finish at the widest part because that is where the eye is drawn. 
We’ve looked at an example of a sleeve length finishing higher on the arm but of course you might prefer something a little longer. So these next two examples do exactly that. Both sleeve lengths fall around about the elbow. The Great Plains Leopard Wrap Dress  in gorgeous warm summery shades is not only a stunning dress but the sleeve finishes just above the elbow. And the Numph Nucarly Dress, a shorter length dress, also features an elbow length sleeve. 
My last little tip is this; with any of these outfits,  you can can bracelets, a cocktail ring or a statement watch, all of which will take the attention away from the upper arm.
You know, you really don’t need to worry about your arms but, I hope this helps if you are self conscious about that area… until next month… 
Sarah x

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