March 2021

The days are getting brighter and i cant quite believe that we reopen again in just two weeks. I am beyond excited to see you all again in the shop and try and get back to some sort of normality again.

Sunshine does make everything seem better doesn't it? Lets hope we can all start to move on from what has been a very tough 12 months for everyone.

We have been working hard in the shop making some tweaks and changes and of course we are full to the brim of lovely spring/summer outfits. At the time of writing this i am still unsure of what the rules are for reopening but i am hoping we can continue to have the changing rooms open again.

Most of this month was spend devising and launching our new app! Im so proud of it. Lots of people shop via an app and i wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for you. Ive had some great feedback on it which is fantastic and ill continue to update it all the time. If you haven't dowloaded yours yet its available on the apple and google play store and for your first order use code APP10 for 10% off.

This mpnth has also seen us doing our first facebook livent event alongside Sarah Gray and i then brave dthe camera to make my own videos. Its getting easier the more i do so im sure you will be sick of seeing me soon lol.

We reopen on Wednesday 14th April 10am-4pm at the moment, im trying to gage what people want our opening times to be so this could change? Im open Wednesday to Saturday.

I cant wait to see you all in person again and thank you so much for your support, its thanks to you that we are still here and ready to reopen again :)


Sam x





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