May 2021

May 2021

Ill start with the weather....oh my this month has been awful. Hands up who still has the heating on?. As i write this it has stopped raining and there is hope that this bank holiday weekend we will have some overdue sunshine.

We have some beautiful pieces in stock for sunny days from dresses, shorts and tops so fingers crossed the weather changes for the better.

This month saw more Covid regulations relax which has been i'm sure a great relief for the hospitality industry. Despite the weather we have been able to get back inside our favourite restaurants and pubs and socialise with our friends and family. For us in our village this has been extremely important and i wish them all the best going forward. We are off out tonight for dinner at one of our local spots and cannot wait!

The boutique has been very busy over the past few weeks which has been great. We love nothing better than being back in the swing of things and seeing people take great joy in trying on items again :) Ellie is working Wednesdays to Fridays now so if you haven't met her yet say hi :) 

We had out first event in the shop this month which worked out well and was nice to see everyone that turned out for it. As we slowly return to normal we will plan more in.

As we buy months in advance we are currently buying spring/summer 2022 and we are overwhelmed with how many beautiful things we have picked for you all! Lets hope by that time we are back to normal and planning lots of lovely holidays away.

Sarah Gray has written a blog for us this month about staycations so pop over and have a look at that too!

Thanks again for your continuing support it means the world.

Take care 


Sam x

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