October 2021

How is it almost the end of October already? 
We started the month wondering if we’d ever get to wear our cosy knits as the weather turned mild. But, now the cold snap has caught up and those winter woollies are calling!
When choosing your winter sweaters, what criteria do you apply? Perhaps you select by colour or perhaps you prefer to touch the fabric and the softest wins?
There are so many elements that can impact our decision making so I thought I’d give you a helping hand here. I’ll talk you through a few pieces of winter knitwear detailing how they will work on various colouring and body shapes. 
First up is probably my favourite. I say my favourite in as far as I can admire it from afar, it wouldn’t suit my figure! The Sofie Schnoor wool jumper is a stunner.  The colour is a soft brown, really on trend for this season and a fabulous neutral for most wardrobes. Be careful though with these brown shades, most browns are warm toned and therefore are best suited to those with warm undertones to their colouring. If you have cool undertones, the greys are better for you (we’ll come onto those later). I love the shoulders on this knit. Talk about dramatic! But, once again, consider your figure and whether or not this oversized shoulder detail will be flattering. If you have shoulders narrower than your hips (pear shape), then this is an ideal knit to try as the shoulder detail will balance your figure. If you have a more athletic figure whereby your shoulders are wider than your hips (think the look of a swimmer), the bulk of this knit will hide your athletic shape. It will of course accentuate your shoulders and that is a personal choice.
While we are talking about browns, I’ve picked out this Sugarhill knit If you love animal print with a difference, then this could be for you. The red trim around the neckline adds to the modern funky look of this knit. However, be aware that such a high round neck is best on a long neck. If, like me, you have a short neck, a great idea to help a round neck work for you is to layer the blue denim collar underneath leaving the top buttons undone. 
Who doesn’t love a stripe? Sofie Schnoor have well and truly nailed the knits this season and this black & cream stripe knit is no exception. Often, black & white or black & cream can be a harsh combination and therefore not flattering for all. However, this knit cleverly softens the colour combination meaning that it will suit  pretty much all colourings. The stripes are a flattering thickness for most figures although, if you are full busted, just check on the position of the stripes to ensure they don’t make  you appear wider across the bust. 
I promised you some grey and my top choice here is the Numph long-line knitted vest  Am I showing my age if I revert to calling them tank tops?!  Usually, we see knitted vests in short versions so this is pretty special being of a longer length. And, oh so versatile. The side slits make this piece so easy to layer which is key for keeping warm in the cooler months. Wear over skinny jeans and a textured or patterned long sleeve tshirt for a casual look. For a slightly dressier look,  you could layer over a shirt/blouse. Or treat it as a dress and wear over tights and long boots with a thin layer underneath on top. If you have a defined waist, try belting it for a different look. 
And finally, another popular colours this season is green and I love this deep forest green knit from Sugarhill Brighton. It is simple and uncluttered and features colourful stars on the arms. A great piece for teaming with jeans and hiker style boots. It’s a deep colour so to avoid overpowering you if you are of very light colouring, use the Numph collar (as above) or layer over a white shirt or denim shirt. 
Whatever you choose, be comfortable and confident. 
See you in November… 
With love, Sarah x

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