September 2021

As I write to you, our Autumn weather is giving us chilly mornings & evenings and a strange weirdly tropical few hours in the middle! So, I’m pretty sure you’ve not considered your winter coat yet. 
However, believe it or not, now is the time to be thinking about and sorting your winter coat and hardy boots. Why? Well, two main reasons… firstly, coats & boots are in the shops now so if you don’t act now, you’ll miss the best of the crop. Secondly, we know how our UK weather is so unpredictable and it could change to a very cold snap at any moment… you want to be ready. 
You may already own a winter coat that has another year left in it and that is great. If this is the case, haul it out now for a few checks; is it a good fit? is it clean? does it need a trip to the dry cleaners? Are there any repairs that need doing? The same goes for your boots; get them out, check out the condition of them…we were locked down for much of last winter so they may have seen the light of day for nearly 2 years! Do the soles/heels need replacing? Do they need a polish? If suede, do they need to see a suede brush? 
I highly recommend that if there are any actions needed, that you action them as soon as possible so that your coat is in it’s best condition ready for when you need it. 
I don’t know about you, but every few years, I like a new coat and I’m a sucker for new boots (more on the boots later…) This is mainly because we have so many months wearing a warm coat, that it does start to look far from it’s best. So, thinking along these lines, I checked out the coats at the boutique when I was there last week and I am so impressed. 
Puffa coats are most definitely a trend this year and if, like me, you are keen not to add volume or Ilbs to your figure, you probably shy away from anything puffa! But, Sam has cleverly chosen puffa coats that are not so voluminous and it’s two of these I’m recommending…
First up, the longline B. Young. Bybomina Jacket. Coming to just above the knee (perfect for cold days standing at the school gates!) with a great funnel neck and it comes in black. I tried this on and did not feel like the Michelin Man! I have a short neck but I could slightly pull down the neck of the coat so as not to make my neck completely disappear. An incredible coat for just £64.99.
Then I chose the short version of the B. Young. Bybomina Jacket; the colour is gorgeous in it’s deep Olive green. Again, the neckline can be pushed down if needed and the surprise for me again, was the feminine look of the jacket rather than looking twice my size! £49.99 this one, what a great price.
Coat sorted, don’t forget your feet! Nothing worse than having the wrong footwear is there. Styles have got chunkier this season and comfort is at the forefront of most designers. We’ve been in comfortable footwear for such a long time that designers didn’t want to stray too far from that while at the same time, ensuring we can change things up a bit. 
My two favourites from BDB this season are both from Shoe The Bear. First up these Rebel Chelsea High Boots - a play on the traditional Chelsea boot we’ve seen for years. They are slip on, so super easy and quick to get on and off. Teamed with skinnies, straight, wide leg cropped trousers will be amazing and if your thing, I urge you to team them up with your midi dresses for a strong look.
If you prefer an ankle boot, these Adga Leather Lace-ups are fabulous. Inspired of course y a hiking boot but so much more stylish! Great in cold weather and with the rubber sole, will be perfect if we see ice this winter! 
I know you think I’m bonkers writing to you about winter coats and boots while you’re still in your bare legs and t-shirts but you’ll thank me once the weather has turned!  ;)
Before I forget I am in store on Saturday 2nd October running my style clinic so if you have any style dilemmas, struggling to know what to wear now back in the office or just need some advice pop along 10-4pm.
Enjoy getting yourself winter ready, Sarah x

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